Hi there.

Orbit is a band from Boston, MA. We started wayyyy back in 1994. At first, we started our own record label called Lunch Records and put out a recording called La Mano.

Then we signed to A&M Records and put out an album called Libido Speedway. Our song "Medicine" made its way into the top 10 on the Modern Rock charts and we did the Lollapalooza tour and played a bazillion shows across the US and Canada through the late '90s.

We recorded another album for A&M in 1998, but the label merged with Interscope and Geffen to become Universal Music in 2000 and we got dumped along with a lot of other bands.

In 2001, we put out XLR8R on Lunch Records, but by the end of that year we were exhausted and decided to take a break.

In 2010, we convinced Universal Music to release the album we'd recorded back in 1998 and that came out as The Lost Album.

As of 2013, the lineup is Jeff Robbins (vocals, guitar), Paul Buckley (drums), and Linda Bean Pardee (bass). We're writing some songs, doing some recording, playing some shows, and seeing where things go.

Most of our interaction happens on Facebook, so be sure to head over and give us a "like".

Jeff, Paul, and Linda






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